Green Recovery

Green Recovery

"Green Recovery shows how companies use technology and green thinking to create smarter, stronger businesses..."
- Rob Bernard, Chief Environmental Strategist, Microsoft

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Andrew on Green Recovery and innovation

How much money – and how many jobs – could your business save if you reduced energy use and waste by 25%? How would your business be impacted if oil reached $300 per barrel? These might seem like odd questions to ask in the midst of a global recession–but they're not. Companies that shelve their green strategies until the economy improves will miss a huge opportunity to make their businesses stronger and more profitable.

Green Recovery argues that environmental challenges and increasing "green" awareness have not dissipated in the wake of the financial crisis. Business leaders must face both problems simultaneously. Fortunately, some of the same strategies that address environmental issues can help companies survive today's economic conditions—and prosper when the good times return.

Going green is essentially about doing more with less. Viewed through this lens, green initiatives transform from costly luxuries to powerful recession-fighting, profit-making tools. This book shows how leaders — including Boeing, Disney, DuPont, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, and Wal-Mart — are ramping up efficiency, innovation, and employee motivation to save money quickly and preserve capital that can be reinvested for future growth.

Green Recovery offers a concise, engaging road map for using green initiatives to:

Green Recovery will help you unleash the power of green thinking to survive today's turmoil–and chart a winning path to the future.

Praise for Green Recovery

CEOs and top executives should all heed this call to action to keep environmental thinking front and center in corporate strategies, no matter what the economic climate.

- Mike Splinter, CEO, Applied Materials

Green Recovery offers practical advice for companies, encouraging them to rally their people to get creative in solving environmental challenges and to lead the way to a more sustainable and profitable future.

- Robert A. Iger, President and CEO, The Walt Disney Company

Green Recovery encourages real action for improving environmental performance and saving money now. It captures the essence of the strategy and tactics that came from Winston's first book and is appropriate for the current business environment.

- Mary Armstrong, Vice President, Environment, Health and Safety, The Boeing Company

Governments around the world are increasingly striving to establish policies to address environmental challenges. Green Recovery is a thoughtful contribution for organizations in the private or public sectors needing to prepare for a carbon-constrained world.

- Andy Karsner, former U.S. Assistant Secretary, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy