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Helping Your Company Navigate the World's Mega Challenges

"Andrew has been an essential advisor to me personally and to Unilever as we position the company for future growth. His network and extensive knowledge of sustainability and global mega-trends has helped us develop smart strategies and aggressive goals – Andrew played a pivotal role in setting our target to use 100% renewable energy by 2020."

Kees Kruythoff, CEO, Unilever North America

The Imperative: The Need for the Big Pivot

The business world is facing unprecedented change. The mega trends that are changing the world in profound ways present new risks and opportunities for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. The World Economic Forum's 2014 Global Risks survey asked the world's business and political leaders to rank their biggest concerns. The top 10 global risks all fell into two categories: economy-wide concerns (fiscal crises, unemployment, inequity) and climate and natural resources (water scarcity, the risk of the world not addressing climate change, and more extreme weather). In addition, other fundamental global shifts, particularly the transparency that technology now enables, are putting companies under a powerful microscope and forcing them to answer new questions from customers, consumers, communities, governments, and employees.

Why Winston: A Catalyst for Change

Businesses need new skills, strategies, and tactics to navigate and profit in this new world. Winston Eco-Strategies (WES) is uniquely qualified to provide some answers. Over the course of nearly 15 years, Andrew Winston has developed a large base of knowledge about the world's environmental and social challenges; developed strategies, tactics, and frameworks that businesses all over the world have used as a platform to manage and profit from these tectonic shifts; and worked directly with companies to rethink their strategies and execute against a new vision. He brings and unusual combination of business training and acumen, deep knowledge about the world's mega trends and how they're evolving, and communication skills to catalyze change.

Services: Areas of Focus

Winston Eco-Strategies, along with its strategic partners, can help companies solve specific problems and achieve new goals. Every engagement is different, but questions answered or topics of focus include:

How We Work

Andrew Winston partners with clients in a variety of ways, including: