Helping Your Company Navigate the World’s Mega Challenges

“Andrew has been an essential advisor to me personally and to Unilever as we position the company for future growth. His network and extensive knowledge of sustainability and global mega-trends has helped us develop smart strategies and aggressive goals – Andrew played a pivotal role in setting our target to use 100% renewable energy by 2020.”

– Kees Kruythoff, Former CEO, Unilever North America


The definition of “sustainability” strategy is getting broader every day. Andrew advises executives on a large range of issues related to environmental and social performance, as well as identifying opportunities for growth and innovation. A few key areas of focus include:



Companies are competing to set the boldest science-based, aggressive, and catalytic goals that make their own businesses sustainable and help build a thriving world. Andrew can help companies find their unique voice and where they can best lead. The work is based extensive research, experience helping multinationals establish their sustainability and corporate vision, and a unique database of environmental and social goals of the world’s largest companies.


To drive real change, sustainability and operational executives need buy-in from senior leaders, and CEOs need support of their board, their employees, and their customers. Andrew can help review or develop the company’s approach to engaging all stakeholders, crafting a legitimate, powerful message about what the company is doing to avoid overstating or greenwashing.


Andrew helps companies ask tough, heretical questions about their businesses and product lines to prompt deep change. He can work with executives and brands to rethink their products and services in a low-carbon and sustainable world. Andrew also helps develop internal programs or criteria to qualify their products as more sustainable so they can measure progress and drive toward continuous improvement.

Andrew works with companies on many other dimensions of sustainability performance. Contact Andrew to discuss how he can help your business.

How Andrew Works

Steps to Build a Thriving, Sustainable Business

Andrew Winston partners with clients in a variety of ways, including:

Single Day Engagements

We may start with a context-setting talk (see speaking page for more details) and then lead to Andrew conducting or contributing to a workshop with key executives or larger groups of staff.

Single-Topic, Short Consulting/Advisory Projects

Such as a review of a sustainability report or strategy plan/document, or an assessment of the company’s mission, vision, and goals to identify areas for improvement and ways the company can lead its peers.

Larger, Traditional Strategy Consulting Projects

Consulting work is often conducted in conjunction with larger consulting firms, either brought in by Winston Eco-Strategies to specifically address client needs, or Andrew works with firms the client has already selected. Andrew can draw on partner firms with specialties in sustainability communications and branding, supply chains, deep analytics, reporting, employee engagement, and much more.

Ongoing Strategy Advisory Board Participation

Usually on retainer, which may include multiple in-person and remote meetings with top executives during the year, allowing for ongoing support for strategy development and deeper dives into longer-term issues.

Andrew’s Clients

These are just a handful of clients that Andrew works with: