Executive Education

Net Positive Classes

(with Paul Polman and ExecOnline)

With low time commitment, learn how to be a Net Positive leader and transform your company…

Since the launch of Net Positive, my Paul and I have spoken to thousands business people about their sustainability journeys and challenges. Many people are engaged and want to help build a Net Positive movement, and they tell us “we want to do more.” Now they can. 

The world is increasingly complex and the expectations of business are climbing fast. To meet the new demands, people need new skills and mindsets. Learning is now a competitive advantage.

Net Positive by Paul Polman and Andrew Winston


Since people learn in a variety of ways – not just by reading a book, but also using more hands-on approaches – Paul and I have partnered with Thinkers50 and executive education leader ExecOnline to develop two on-demand programs. Through short videos from Paul and me, and interactive exercises based on ExecOnline’s extensive experience with class design, learners will take the ideas in Net Positive and make them their own (whether or not they’ve read the book). 

In these two courses, you’ll learn concepts and frameworks to help build a business that thrives by improving the well-being of everyone it touches. You’ll contribute to reshaping the relationship between businesses and our world.

Practical info: 2 to 3-hour online-only classes

Course 1: Unlocking Growth With Net Positive Purpose

Discover a new way of viewing environmental and social issues and how they drive business value. Explore what it means to be a Net Positive leader. Assess your leadership style, set goals, devise a plan to hold yourself accountable, and unearth the power within you to lead purpose-driven change.

Course 2: Driving Net Positive Transformation

Learn to create an inspiring vision for the organization and elevate your influence. Diagnose your team, department, and organization’s stance on sustainability. Identify targeted interventions that can yield positive impact. Craft a Net Positive Transformation plan with strategic milestones to guide your team or department.

Develop a deep understanding of how sustainability and climate change are reshaping business strategy and value…

The Climate & Sustainability Accelerator is a 6-week, world-class learning experience that makes sustainability engaging and inspiring through online self-paced content and virtual live classes (often with Andrew). The course equips cohorts of leaders and change-makers — seniors execs, mid-level managers, or specific functions — with the know-how to build more resilient, innovative, and sustainable businesses. Each course is customized with industry, geography, company, and cohort-specific details.

By dedicating a few hours each week, learners will:

  • Quickly develop knowledge of the imperative for action and a deeper understanding of climate & sustainability
  • Explore the risks to business and the vast opportunities to grow and profit through sustainability
  • Accelerate decision making and transformational change

To learn more, email Andrew at [email protected] or Hannah Aneiros at BCG at [email protected].

Practical info: 6 weeks, 2-3 hours per week, including 90-minute live session