In the Fox Bubble, Body-Slamming a Journalist is Awesome.

I write mainly about corporate sustainability, climate change, and the like. But times have changed. My earlier career was in the media business where I worked at TIME Magazine and MTV, so I care deeply about the news media and how it’s evolved. The challenges of false equivalence and the deep divides in the country are played out in our news.
I also see a connection to all the sustainability work I do. The information bubble that many live in is an enormous hurdle standing in the way of building a sustainable and thriving world — if, for example, people keep hearing that climate change is not a problem, or even a hoax, they won’t be on board for the changes that are coming and needed. My next blog will be cover some of the connection between our current political situation and sustainability.
Anyway, I won’t reprint my latest blog in full here, but it’s about what happened this week in Montana, and the vast difference in how media outlets covered it.
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