Happy New Years all.
In a couple of days, I’ll be posting my 2016 list of most important sustainable business stories. But today is a time of reflection, so I got to thinking about my resolutions for 2017, given all that happened in 2016. We need to think differently and reach across divides, all while vigorously defending decency, rights, and truth.
I’ve posted my thoughts on the path forward (for me at least) on medium. Please check out the full piece, but here’s the short version of the 5 resolutions I’m making:
1. Spread truth. Facts matter…
2. Defend decency and truth (the “Billy Bush” rule). Call out lies and vileness.
3. Ask questions and listen…but don’t be afraid to “block” someone. Endeavor to understand each other, but don’t accept base and offensive ideas, or the people who spread them.
4. Fact-check before forwarding/spreading a story. Fight fake news, do my own research, and demand media do the same.
5. Don’t just kvetch — share the positive and get moving. Venting is good and needed, but just complaining is soul-sucking.
There will be some big battles coming this year. So let’s work together and bring along everyone we can to build a better world.
May your 2017 be more sane and just than 2016.
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